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Bangalore Kolar Division BESCOM Complaint Phone Number


The word of Electricity is discovered by Benjamin Franklin. In the beginning stage of the electricity was giving only the connection between the lightning. The generation of electricity was discovered during 1820s and early 1930s.  After some days the Electric generation was developed by some energy. Starting stage it acts as only a primary energy. The Uses of the Electricity in many places for example Transport Trains, buses, cars. Electricity is one of the most important thing of manual life

Karnataka Electricity Board

Electricity Board of Karataka Started in year 1999, Karnataka embarked on a major Reform of the power sector. As a Initial step, Karnataka Electricity Board KEB was dissolved and in its place, Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) was incorporated. This was followed by the constitution of Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission KERC in Year 1999 November.In the next second phase of the Reform Process, the transmission and distribution business managed by Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited were unbundled in June 2002. Four new distribution companies were formed to distribute power in Karnataka. Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited formed as BESCOM has taken over the full responsibility from Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited for the distribution of electricity in 8 districts and commenced its operations from 1st June 2002.


The place of the electricity in human life have huge part. This is acts as one of the basic need in manual life. We need current  in all working places, home, schools, colleges, industries, companies and all transport vehicles. If we have any inconvenience to using this power supply, we are need to complaint to the electricity call centre. The FOC s (fuse of calls) and eb employees will clear our problems. They are provide 24hrs helpto us. This one of the most uses for manual life. Because we always depend some machines in manual life.

The supply was flickering, shocking, over loading and burst of cables. This all may create a huge problems our life. So we have to use FOC s benefits for that time.

Bangalore Kolar Division BESCOM Complaint Phone Number
Bangalore Kolar Division Contact Mobile Numbers


Bangalore Kolar Division Contact Landline Numbers

8152 – 222607

Bangalore Kolar Division Call Centre Contact Numbers


BESCOM Bangalore Complaint Toll free number (All over Bangalore City)


BESCOM Bangalore power failure complaint number (All over Bangalore City)

For Power Failure in Bangalore city – Contact: 1912 for BSNL users, 080 – 1912 for non-BSNL users

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